Symptom Andrew Long

Published by Andrew Long, Adelaide, 2021, 4 pages, 21 × 29.7 cm, English

Price: €6

Produced on the occasion of the exhibition Symptom by Andrew Long, held at the Epworth Building, Suite 552, 33 Pirie Street, Adelaide/Tarndanya, 12 February – 27 February, 2021. Text by Patrice Sharkey. Designed by Robert Milne.

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A Sentence for the Sun William Eric Brown & Tom Melick

Published by Stolon Press, Sydney, 2022, 52 pages (b/w ill.), 21 × 27 cm, English

Price: €19

Before it had a name… a distant permanent storm… a 4.5 billion year old nuclear war… a creation of condensed interstellar dust… a collapse… the destruction of four million tons of matter every second… sending itself… wriggling through space… to your face… the morning light…

Images by William Eric Brown. Text by Tom Melick. Typesetting by Robert Milne. Edition of 50

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Octopus notes #10

Published by Octopus Notes, Paris, 2021, 336 pages (colour & b/w ill.), 15 × 21 cm, English / French

Price: €20

The tenth issue of the biannual journal-collection that brings together academic writings, interviews with artists, critical essays and artists’ interventions in the form of inserts.

With & about Sara de Chiara, Rafael Corcostegui, Moyra Davey, Pierre Dulieu, Guillaume Dustan, Jana Euler, Sylvie Fanchon, Jim Fletcher, Alexander García Düttmann, Jeanne Graff, Gary Haller, Alex Hay, Martin Laborde, Daniel Lentz, Mina Loy, Liz Magor, Nick Mauss, Nicolas Moufarrege, Baptiste Pinteaux, Richard Rezac, Clément Roussier, Edith Schloss, Albert Serra, Pierre Thévenin, Belén Uriel, Charles Veyron, Robin Waart, Emily Wardill, Román Yñán.

Edited by Alice Dusapin, Martin Laborde, Baptiste Pinteaux, Alice Pialoux. Designed by Marc Touitou & Robert Milne.

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The Last Acts of Saint Fuckyou Bern Porter

Published by Daisy editions, Lisbon/Paris & Christophe Daviet-Théry, Paris, 2021, 32 pages / foldout poster, 18.5 × 25.5 cm (folded), 51 × 72 cm (unfolded), English

Price: €12

A poem first published in 1975 by Bern Porter, presented in alphabetical order, with the same number of acts for each letter. This new edition presents an additional introduction, transcribed from a reading given by Bern Porter on May 19, 1985, in Madison, Maine.

Bern Porter (1911-2004) was an American artist, writer, publisher, performer, and physicist. He was a representative of the Mail Art and Found Poetry avant-garde art movements.

Edited by Alice Dusapin and designed by Robert Milne.

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Homework Snack Syndicate

Published by Discipline, Melbourne, 2021, 302 pages, 10.8 × 17.7 cm, English

Price: €12

Homework by Snack Syndicate (Andrew Brooks & Astrid Lorange) collects twenty-seven texts written over the course of 2016–2020. Homework considers the manifold ways that embodied life (birth, death, love, friendship, solidarity, race, gender, sexuality, citizenship) are conditioned by a world that appears both ruinous and full of potential. Snack Syndicate asks how to read ruins and how to read the prophecy of hope that threads together a long history of survival and struggle. The book offers a guide for this reading, taking study to be a lifelong practice. It suggests a model for homework as the promise we make to each other through study and to the ghosts who carry us forward.

Introduction by Tom Melick and designed by Robert Milne.

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INDEX Andrew Long

Published by Andrew Long, Melbourne, 2015, 8 pages (colour & b/w ill.), 21 × 29.7 cm, English

Price: €8

Produced on the occasion of Sway by Andrew Long held at TCB art inc., Melbourne, 15 April – 2 May, 2015. Text by Isabelle Sully and Andrew Long, with photographs by Andrew Read. Designed by Robert Milne.

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