Dritte Ausstellung Fuer Photographische Arbeiten David Lieske

Published by Bierke Verlag, Berlin, 2022, 42 pages (b/w ill.), 15 × 21 cm, English

Price: €18

Produced on the occasion of David Lieske’s exhibition Dritte Ausstellung Fuer Photographische Arbeiten at Galerie Karin Günther, Hamburg, March 3 – May 6, 2022. In addition to documentation of the exhibition it contains a conversation between the artist and Nicholas Tammens. Designed by Atelier Maève.

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Published by 1856, Melbourne, 2019, 8 pages, 21 × 29.7 cm, English

Price: €2

As part of Paris Internationale 2019, 1856 presented “Everything is fine” with work by Patricia L. Boyd, Ian Burn, Lauren Burrow, and Fred Lonidier.

The work of art is possibly one of the only commodities with equal claim to both private and civic space. It is due to how artworks are embedded in our social relations that we recognise their different values: as historical artefacts, as objects of appreciation (“beautiful” or sensible to taste), political critiques, private financial investments, modes of communication, public documents of the national imaginary—the list goes on. However, the line that divides private and civic has become ever more indiscernible in recent decades—for instance, the erosion of public infrastructure and state industry, private capitalisation on culture and entertainment, the withering of the 8 hour work day, the return of 19th century work conditions, and the ongoing enclosure of our personal lives by a new technological industrialism. In response we might ask, in a reflective manner, what capacity the work of art has to represent these problems at the different points of its reception. The four artists selected here, at different times and with different methods, have asked this of their work. Curated by Nicholas Tammens

Designed by Ziga Testen

More on information can be found here.

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Harun Farocki

Published by 1856, Melbourne, 2018, 4 pages, 21 × 29.7 cm, English

Price: €2

Catalogue for a season of film screenings at Melbourne Cinematheque focusing on the work of Harun Farocki, presented by 1856.

Designed by Lucas Quigley

You can find more on the program here

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Patricia L. Boyd

Published by 1856, Melbourne, 2018, 4 pages, 21 × 29.7 cm, English

Price: €2

Catalogue for an exhibition of new work made by Patricia L. Boyd in Melbourne, presented across two locations: at Victorian Trades Hall and a coworking creative office space 225 Queensberry St, Carlton.

Designed by Beaziyt Worcou

You can find more on the exhibition here

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