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In the current of the situation Ioanna Gerakidi and Danae Io

Published by Dolce Publishing, Athens, 2021, 64 pages, 12.4 × 18.7 cm, English / Greek

Price: €8.50

In The Current Of The Situation is an email correspondence between artist Danae Io and curator Ioanna Gerakidi. The exchange started in 2017 and lasted over a year, creating a space to voice what could not be said in their daily phone calls. The correspondence is composed of diaristic poems written for their lovers but exchanged between one another. This continuous shift between addressee and the receiver generates a protective distance to articulate their vulnerabilities and examine the erotic. The correspondence has been presented as a performance at Kunstverein, Amsterdam in 2018 and is now published as a book by Dolce Publications with contributions in response by artist Jesse Darling.

Designed by Claes Storm.

#2021 #danaeio #ioannagerakidi
In the current of the situation Ioanna Gerakidi and Danae Io

Published by Kunstverein, Amsterdam, 2018, foldout pamphlet, 10.5 × 14.8 cm, English / Greek

Price: €3

Produced on the occasion of the performance Danae Io and Ioanna Gerakidi performing In The Current Of The Situation at Kunstverein, Amsterdam, June 7, 2018, a composition of oral stories and eroto-historiographies tracing the mnemonic representations of unrequited sentiments of eros, love, lust and desire.

Designed by Claes Storm.

You can find more on the event here.

#2018 #danaeio #ephemera #ioannagerakidi #kunstvereinamsterdam