Dame Idrauliche (Invitation card) Enrico Baj

Published by Galerie Isabella Bortolozzi, Berlin, 2020, card (colour & b/w ill.), 10.4 × 14.7 cm, English

Price: €6

Produced on the occasion of Enrico Baj – Dame Idrauliche at Galerie Isabella Bortolozzi, Berlin, 11 January – 11 February, 2020.

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How to love a homeland Oxana Timofeeva

Published by Kayfa ta, 2020, 86 pages, 9.6 × 14.8 cm, English

Price: €7

Russian writer and philosopher Oxana Timofeeva was born and grew up in various parts of the USSR. The book explores the difficulty of reducing one’s sense of homeland to one’s country alone, the philosophical interconnectedness of movement and rootedness, our plant and animal souls, and how we need to reimagine our desired, fictional if need be, homelands. The book interweaves vignettes from Timofeeva’s childhood across different parts of the USSR with a philosophical discussion of ideas on homeland in the thought of Brecht, Deleuze and Guattari, and other main figures of literature and philosophy. Design template by Julie Peeters. Cover illustration by Jumana Emil Abboud.

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Catalogue Raisonné Volume 1 Michael Krebber

Published by Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König, Köln, 2022, 608 pages (colour & b/w ill.), 20.1 × 27.9 cm, English

Price: €120

A projected multivolume catalogue of the Michael Krebber’s complete work, compiling high-quality photographs, material descriptions, and provenance of his output in all media. Focused on his early work, this first volume includes paintings, sculptures, works on paper, and film from 1972 to the year 2000. Opening with a historical essay that traces the genesis of Krebber’s practice in relation to contemporaries such as Martin Kippenberger and Albert Oehlen, the book also contains numerous short texts analyzing and contextualizing individual works. In addition to a full biography and bibliography, the catalogue raisonné features extensive documentation of Krebber’s early exhibitions, many of which have not been published before.

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L’orso allo specchio Simone Forti

Published by Kunstverein Publishing Milan, 2020, 94 pages (b/w ill.), 16 × 23 cm, Italian

Price: €20

”Iʼve gathered so many books (….), all about the family. This is all washing over me like a waterfall. I canʼt figure out the genealogy, the chronology flows like currents that wind around each other at different rates. (…). And now Iʼm recognizing that Iʼm part of this tribe, this family of writers writing about our tribe.”

These sentences can be found in Simone Fortiʼs new publication, The Bear in the Mirror – a wonderful collection of stories, prose-poems, drawings, photos, letters, notes and memories.

Simone Forti dives into the (his)stories of her family and of the woollen mills they once owned, trying to put all the myths and fragments of information into some kind of perspective.

Edited by Roos Gortzak and Quinn Latimer. Designed by Nerijus Rimkus.

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Joan Jonas in Kyoto 2019-2020

Published by Kyoto City University of Arts Gallery, Kyoto, 2020, 160 pages (colour & b/w ill.), 18.5 × 25.7 cm, Japanese / English

Price: €34

Joan Jonas is a pioneer of video and performance art, her early work from the 1960s and 1970s anticipated the following forty years of multimedia.

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Excerpts from The 1971 Journal of Rosemary Mayer

Published by Soberscove Press, Chicago, 2020, 168 pages (colour & b/w ill.), 14.7 × 21 cm, English

Price: €25

Rosemary Mayer began her career in the late 1960s, experimenting with conceptual art. In 1971, she began to focus on the use of fabric as a primary medium for sculpture, to more actively pursue opportunities to exhibit her work, and to participate in a feminist consciousness-raising group. This was a pivotal period in Mayer’s life and career, and she documented it in remarkable detail in her 1971 journal.

With deep self-awareness and honesty, Mayer reveals herself, at age 28, in the process of committing more fully to life as an artist. In her journal, she records her ambitions and insecurities about her work, as well as her opinions about the art around her. She also chronicles how being an artist was interwoven into all aspects of her daily life, from concerns about money, to hanging out with friends, to being in love. The result is a striking document of the entanglement of art and life and an intimate view into the New York art scene of the 1970s, which, for Mayer, included Vito Acconci, Donna Dennis, Bernadette Mayer, Adrian Piper, and Hannah Weiner, among many others.

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