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Film (Fahrbereitschaft) Trims, 2017 Margaret Honda

Published by Haubrok Foundation, Berlin, 2017, 1 of 33 polyester lighting gels in paper envelopes, 10.5 × 24 cm (each), English

Price: €35

Signed, dated, numbered, edition of 2 + 1 ap.

Margaret Honda’s films grow out of a sculptural practice that privileges a material relationship to the medium above any narrative or representational concerns. Honda aims to reconsider the standards of film production protocols, often rearranging the order in which things are done or utilising only certain aspects of the production chain.

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Manipulate the World Connecting Öyvind Fahlström

Published by Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König, Köln, 2017, 256 pages (colour & b/w ill.), 17 × 23.5 cm, English

Price: €35

Öyvind Fahlström (1928 –1976) was unquestionably one of the twentieth centuryʼs most innovative and multi-dimensional artists. His incentive was to investigate economical, political and social issues and the production of meaning.

This three-volume publication (in slipcase) is published on the occasion of the exhibition, Manipulate the World: Connecting Öyvind Fahlström, at Moderna Museet, Stockholm (21 October 2017 – 21 January 2018).

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30 Jahre Kunst Jos De Gruyter & Harald Thys

Published by Roma Publications, Amsterdam & Kunstverein München, München, 2017, 192 pages (b/w ill.), 21 × 30 cm, English / German

Price: €19

The eighth instalment in Kunstverein München’s ‘Companion’ series, this “Verkaufskatalog” contains images, prices, material descriptions, and gallery designations for each of the works by artists Jos de Gruyter and Harald Thys included in the exhibition 30 Jahre Kunst. The diverse spectrum of the duo’s collaborative practice – drawings, paintings, sculptures, photographs, kinetic objects, and videos – is represented over the book’s 192 pages, all printed in black and white. In addition, a number of lost, destroyed, or forgotten works are featured, as well as new works that were specially commissioned for the exhibition. Designed by Julie Peeters and Harald Thys.

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Blood and Guts in High School Kathy Acker

Published by Grove Press, New York, 2017, 176 pages, 12.9 × 19.8 cm, English

Price: €14 (Out of stock)

A masterpiece of surrealist fiction, steeped in controversy upon its first publication in 1984, Blood and Guts in High School is the book that established Kathy Acker as the preeminent voice of post-punk feminism. With 2017 marking the 70th anniversary of her birth, as well as the 10th year since her death this transgressive work of philosophical, political, and sexual insight—with a new introduction by Chris Kraus—continues to become more relevant than ever before.

In the Mexican city of Merida, ten-year-old Janey lives with Johnny—her “boyfriend, brother, sister, money, amusement, and father”—until he leaves her for another woman. Bereft, Janey travels to New York City, plunging into an underworld of gangs and prostitution. After escaping imprisonment, she flees to Tangiers where she meets Jean Genet, and they begin a torrid affair that will lead Janey to her demise. Fantastical, sensual, and fearlessly radical, this hallucinatory collage is both a comic and tragic portrait of erotic awakening.

#2017 #kathyacker
The Skins of Alca Impennis (1992-2017) Jochen Lempert

Published by Sprengel Museum, Hannover, 2017, 78 pages (b/w ill.), 23 × 18.8 cm, English

Price: €33 (Out of stock)

The Skins of Alca impennis (1992-2017) is an ongoing series of photographs depicting the extinct bird, the Great Auk (Alca impennis). Over the last two decades, Lempert has photographed 52 of the 78 specimens that remain in collections internationally – entering the bureaucracies that surround these birds, gaining permission from those appointed to administer and conserve them for posterity, and uniformly representing their profiles. The book is published on the occasion of Lempert’s solo show Honeyguides held at the Sprengel Museum in October 2017. Images of the bird’s taxidermized heads alternate with blank pages, for the still missing photographs of this ongoing project.

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The System of Systems

Published by Rebecca Glyn-Blanco, Maria McLintock and Danae Io, 2017, 220 pages (b/w ill.), 14 × 22 cm, English

Price: €18

The System of Systems is a book published in conjunction with an exhibition which took place in Athens in May 2017. It interrogates how political powers in Europe are using technologies, from data collection to private companies, in bureaucratic systems which determine the fate of asylum seekers. Bringing together artists, designers, architects, academics, activists and practitioners, working across a range of mediums, the publication responds to the complex and knotty legal framework which individuals seeking asylum are forced to navigate, or, in many cases, elude.

With contributions by – Lawrence Abu Hamdan, James Bridle, Kamil Dalkir, Design Unlikely Futures, Ayesha Hameed, Paul Feigelfeld, Melanie Friend, Eugenio Grosso, Olivia Head (Bread & Roses), Andrew Herscher, Thomas Keenan, Sohrab Mohebbi, Daniela Ortiz, Lucie Parker, Jill Power, Xose Quiroga, Daniel Trilling, Nana Varveropoulou.

Edited by Rebecca Glyn-Blanco, Maria McLintock and Danae Io.