Het Bloemblaadje, Dat Tijdens Het Ochtendkrieken Was Gevallen, Paktte Ik Op In De Avondschemering Evelyn Taocheng Wang

Published by Abn Amro, 2020, (colour & b/w ill.), 17 × 24 cm, English / Dutch

Price: €25

Produced on the occasion of the awarding of the ABN AMRO Art Prize to Evelyn Taocheng Wang and the subsequent exhibition Het bloemblaadje, dat tijdens het ochtendkrieken was gevallen, paktte ik op in de avondschemering – which has a purposefully included typo and is a quote she translated from a book by Chinese writer Lu Xun (1881-1936) about his childhood home, a source of memories to him.

For the exhibition Wang made eight new paintings and a series of drawings and paintings on rice paper, including one drawing of more than seven meters long. Central are the customs and practices in Dutch culture, symbolized by Wang, among other things, by oliebollen.

Designed by Irma Boom.

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